Cultivating a medicinal plant requires years of agronomic research and technical and financial organisation.

The raw ingredients marketed by Indena come from cultivated land owned by the Company or by third parties working under Indena’s strict control.
It is Indena that validates and controls the cultivation processes of the suppliers, who must comply with GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices).
This permits the preservation of natural biodiversity, an invaluable resource for Indena’s research.  In addition, the quality of the botanical source material is a fundamental prerequisite, as it profoundly affects the subsequent production phases.

The quality of the material is evaluated “on the spot”, through chemical analyses that pinpoint the quantity of the active ingredient and the plant’s best balsamic and consequently the most appropriate collection times and methods.  In most cases , the plants are then dried according to instructions given by Indena, in controlled and controllable conditions (never in the sun); drying conditions are of great importance in guaranteeing uniformity of the material destined for Indena’s warehouses.

The control of cultivations and the storing of counter-samples of every single batch of botanical raw material used are the prerequisites for total traceability.


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