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15th Annual Meeting of the Translational Research Cancer Centers (TRCCC)

Consortium “Cancer Vaccines and Immune Regulation” February 23rd, h. 12.45
Oral presentation by Federica Cavallo, University of Torino and Ulka Vaishampayan, Karmanos Cancer Institute  “Her-2 DNA vaccine trials – IDN 6439 – RHUT”

World Congress of Vaccine (WCV-2012)

Oral presentation by Paolo Morazzoni
“A New Anti-ErbB-2 Chimeric Vaccine: from Discovery to the Patient”

Nutraformulate – NMM Exhibition Centre – Stand 112

March 7th, h. 14.40-15.00
Oral presentation by Christian Artaria
“Meriva® – A More Bioavalaible Curcumin – Overviews and Updates”

HPCI India – Bombay Exhibition Centre, Stand 420

Oral presentation by Giada Maramaldi
March 15th, h. 14.05-14.30
“A Natural Hydrating Polysaccharide from Tamarindus indica”

In-Cosmetics 2012 Innovation Seminar – Barcelona, Spain, April 17-19
April 18th, h. 12.30-13.00 -Innovation Seminar Theatre 1
Lecture G. Maramaldi: “The Lenitive and Photoaging Preventing Properties of a Unique Asian Extract”

International Conference on the Science of Botanicals Oxford, Mississippi, April 16-19

16-19 April, h. 14:30-15:00
Lecture Renato Iguera, Ph.D.: “The Plant Supply Chain: Chaperoning the Best Biomass from the Field to the Extraction Plant”

Solidarietà, Sostenibilità e Biodiversità: le nuove frontiere per il mondo dell’erboristeria – Savigliano (CN), May 21

Lecture by Renato Iguera 11:10-11:30:
“Prunus africana corteccia: la raccolta sostenibile è possibile?”

Vitafoods 2012 – Geneva, May 22-24

Lecture by Paolo Morazzoni (May 22, 15:45-16:15 – Supplier Seminar Theatre):
“Bioavailable Curcumin (Meriva®): from Basic Science to Clinical Evidences”

BIT’s 5th Annual World Cancer Congress – Beijing, China, May 18-20

Lecture by Ezio Bombardelli: “Antiproliferative Activity of a New Class of Taxanes and Colchicines in Therapy”

52° Simposio AFI – Rimini, May 30-June 2

May 30, 18:00-18:30 – Sala del Tempio 1
Lecture by Ezio Bombardelli “Nuovi approcci nei processi estrattivi e di purificazione di principi attivi di origine vegetale per ridurre l’impiego dei solventi”

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