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Indena to present new studies on Casperome®, its Boswellia serrata extract formulated with the Phytosome® technology.


Milan, April 13th, 2015 – Today, at the Pharma-Nutrition Conference in Philadelphia, Christian Artaria, Marketing Director of Indena, will make an oral presentation in a plenary session on the outcomes of a recent pharmacokinetic study on Casperome®, the Boswellia serrata extract formulated with the Indena proprietary Phytosome® technology.

Boswellic acids have long been considered the main bioactive components of Boswellia serrata, and many pre-clinical studies have confirmed their bioactivities. In particular, recent mechanistic studies have validated the capacity of the β-boswellic acid family to modulate physiological response to various challenges, but preliminary pharmacokinetic studies in animals and humans have highlighted the poor oral absorption of boswellic acids[1].

To overcome this problem, Indena has formulated a purified mixture of boswellic acids from Boswellia serrata with lecithin, taking advantage of its proprietary Phytosome® technology platform to optimize their absorption. In a previous pre-clinical work such superior absorption was demonstrated both at the plasma and at the tissue level [2].

The randomized, double blind, cross-over comparative pharmacokinetic study in healthy volunteers with a single oral dosage of 500 mg confirmed a marked increase of major boswellic acids in comparison with the unformulated extract[3]. Plasma levels of most relevant boswellic acids measured after Casperome® administration, in particular β-boswellic acids, were in the range of expected biological activity, thus representing strong support for a rational dosage regimen in clinical testing.

Clinical investigations in four controlled studies have given further support to the relevance of this pharmacokinetic study.

Christian Artaria, Marketing Director of Indena, commented: “We are excited for the results we achieved, as for the first time, with a single dosage of 500 mg of Casperome®, relevant plasmatic levels could be reached and measured in humans”.


[1]Du Z. et al. Planta Medica (2015) Feb 25 (under publication)
[2]Hüsch J. et al. Fitoterapia 84 (2013) 89-98
[3]Indena, manuscript submitted for publication


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On Casperome®

Casperome® is a purified mixture of triterpenoid acids from the gum resin of Boswellia serrata. Given the poor bioavailability of these compounds, Indena has formulated the extract with Phytosome® technology to optimize their absorption and further support their functions in modulating physiological response to various challenges.

Further info on Casperome® and other Phytosome®s: www.phytosome.info

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