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Milan, June 18th , 2015 – A new study carried out by Italian researchers at the Department of Surgery and Translational Medicine, University of Florence[1] demonstrates that supplementation with Meriva®, the Indena proprietary lecithin-based delivery system of curcumin, may be effective as a complementary support in skin disorders management.Meriva_2015

In this single-dose, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study sixty-three subjects with mild-to-moderate psoriasis vulgaris (PASI <10) were randomly divided into two groups treated with topical steroids and orally with Meriva®, or with topical steroids alone, both for 12 weeks. Researchers measured the quality of life and health benefits and the effects of the treatment on the serum levels of IL-17 and IL-22 that are thought to play a major role in this disorder.

Data from the study demonstrated that Meriva® may be regarded as a safe and well-tolerated supplementation for the complementary support to subjects treated with topical steroids. Among the several biological effects of curcumin, the ability to downregulate the T cell-mediated process, and in particular the Th22 pathway, may be considered one of the major mechanisms by which Meriva® supports skin dysfunction recovery[2].

Antonella Riva, Senior Scientific Researcher at Indena, commented: “We welcome the promising results of Meriva® in this new area, and the chance to improve the quality of life for people affected by this troublesome condition”.



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About Psoriasis
Psoriasis is a common chronic inflammatory disease affecting the skin, the nails and the joints of 125 million people, corresponding to about 3% of the world’s population[3], with a significant impact on long-term quality of life[4].


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[2] Idem, References 27-33.

[3] IFPA – International Federation of Psoriasis Associations, Facts about psoriasis, available at http://www.worldpsoriasisday.com/web/page.aspx?refid=130

[4] J. M. Gelfand, S. R. Feldman, R. S. Stern, J. Thomas, T. Rolstad, and D. J. Margolis – Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, vol. 51, no. 5, pp. 704-708, 2004.


About Meriva®
Meriva® is a patented delivery form of curcumin utilizing Indena proprietary Phytosome® technology, for healthy inflammatory response and joint health. Pharmacokinetic comparison studies have shown Meriva® to improve the bioavailability of curcuminoids about 30-fold and give significant absorption benefits. The product is supported by 18 clinical trials demonstrating effectiveness for joint and bone health and inflammatory response support.

Further info on Meriva® and other Phytosome®s: www.phytosome.info

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