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Hyris and Indena partner for the on-site genomic identification of botanical species

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Milan, Italy and London, UK– May 3rd, 2017 – Indena and Hyris have signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the development of methods dedicated to the genomic identification of botanical species, based on unique sets of reagents for specific DNA sequences (bKITs) and the use of bCUBE® miniaturized, portable technology: a state-of-the-art device for the analysis of nucleic acids.

With this strategic cooperation agreement, Indena, that will also acquire a minority shareholding position in Hyris Ltd, will hold preferential access to this technology in the botanical derivatives industry. The joint development of specific identification methods, which can be used directly on-site at biomass collection sites, adds a pillar to Indena’s expertise in the traceability of its supply chain, through genomic identification of plant materials. This represents a further step in the Indena quality system.

The Hyris platform offers the unique capability to perform full genetic analysis of biological samples in any kind of setting. It incorporates all the needed hardware, software and reagents and can be used as a fully portable testing laboratory to provide highly accurate results, reducing the time associated with traditional methods. Moreover, every bCUBE® is only 1.5kg and its design makes it portable and user friendly. It can be controlled by bAPP, a dedicated mobile app that provides a complete, intuitive, user-friendly interface:

bApp allows the user to:

  • download the test protocol required for the desired analysis
  • check the reaction as it is happening
  • receive immediate diagnostic information on the sample being examined

“Both companies’ approach to quality and innovation fits perfectly in adding value in the most forefront way to better serve clients and partners who look for excellence in the botanical extracts space”, said Daniele Giavini, Indena Managing Director. “The dietary supplement market and consumers need reassurance regarding the authenticity of the products they consume. Once again, Indena is pleased to announce that it will offer another pioneering solution with high added value to its partners”.

“Hyris is delighted to provide full spectrum technological solutions to be integrated in Indena’s information and quality management systems. This agreement validates the company’s strategy to build long term relationships with industry leaders in various application sectors of molecular biology”, said Stefano Lo Priore, Hyris Ltd CEO. “We welcome Indena’s decision to make a direct investment in the company as part of this agreement, and look forward providing value to our client in this challenging market segment”.


bCUBE® is a miniaturized, state-of-the-art device for the analysis of nucleic acids. It allows user to run both temperature cycles and isothermal analysis, enabling a wide array of DNA and RNA detection methods such as qPCR, isothermal amplifications etc. Multiwavelength signal acquisition, fast processing and wireless connectivity with its smartphone based control panel are all integrated. Hyris employs customized cartridges that can be used to analyze anywhere between 9 and 32 samples in one run.

bKITs are reagent sets used to analyze a specific genetic sequence. They can be used e.g. For the detection of a pathogen in a biological sample, the correct identification of the nature of the sample and a large number of other purposes. bKITs are available for R&D and diagnostic purposes for the detection of a number of nucleic acid signatures of pathogens.

bCUBE® is a registered trademark of Hyris Ltd.


Hyris is a privately held, UK-based biotechnology company founded in 2014 by an entrepreneurial team with deep experience in biotechnology, electronics and the tech business. The company offers its partners and clients disruptive technologies that enable genetic testing of biological samples> in any setting, at any time, all available in real time on dedicated software platforms.

Further information on Hyris: http://www.hyris.net/

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